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Amy Ciavolino

Software engineer & artist in NYC

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for fun

  1. Rebel Steps

    An upcoming podcast about political action.

  2. Which Bachelor Contestant Are You?

    V silly quiz from contestant bio Q & As (Source)

  3. Mindful Communication In Code Reviews

    A talk on applying mindful communication to reviwing code.

  4. So you want to fight the state?

    An interactive guide to protecting your data and accounts online. (Source)

  5. Cutealism

    Like brutalism, but cute af.

  6. Event Merge for Google Calendar (tm)

    Chrome extension that visually merges the same event on multiple calendars. (Source)

Older projects

for $$$

Kickstarter (June '17 - ???) Khan Academy (Oct '16 - May '17) Union Station (Oct '15 - July '16) Etsy (June '12 - Oct '15) UMBC CS Department (Sept '10 - May '12) Google/YouTube (Summer '11) MAPLE Lab at UMBC (Jan '10 - Aug '11)
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Last updated 6/2018